The (Not Always) Happy Homemaker Diary

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Spring Is In The Air

And I can smell and see it everywhere I go! I’m excited. I want to see leaves back on the trees. I want to see my annuals start to bud and bloom. I wish to be outside more, and indoors less.

But I am also already getting a precursor as to how this Springtime will go for me, and for millions of others, too. Over the last few days, my sneezing has picked up. And this morning was no different. Yesterday, I sneezed in the car, at an outdoor shop (where we picked up a new birdbath bowl) and then had another sneeze attack on the way to my son’s appointment.

But I think I’ll be able to handle it, knowing that the butterflies and hummingbirds will soon be flocking to my backyard. All thanks to some flower seeds we had purchased yesterday at a home improvement store that are meant to attract the humming birds and butterflies to them as to suckle the nectar.

I want my daffodils, my zinnias and my roses. I’d like to have my sunflowers back, too. And lets not forget the marigolds and the irises, or the perineums.

With my yard, I love color. But I don’t have a green thumb anywhere on me or in my pocket. So, my husband takes care of the gardening. And he LOVES it. It makes him happy and relaxed. And he has a Gardener in Training! Our seven-year-old daughter loves to help him dig the dirt, place the plant or the seeds and then add the plant food and the water. She even has her own watering can and her very own gardening tool set, with gloves included.

It makes them both happy and it’s teaching her to respect nature and all of its beauty. And it is an interest that she has taken a shine to, and I hope that she will keep for the rest of her days.

Plus, in the end, when she is grown, my daughter can look back on the days of past and remember the times of love and kinship with her father, as they planted new life in her yard every year, as they talked, laughed and smiled. What better way to remember your dad?


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