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Google+ Fans of “The Walking Dead” vs. Those on FaceBook “Like Pages”

**WARNING**… Adult language-laced post today. Read at your own risk!…

Night and day. What more can I describe the two areas as, and their fan base? Last night was like watching a train wreck happening before my very eyes. And today, it’s as if I have been enlightened towards positivity and love.

I belong to not only the “official” ‘like’ page on FaceBook for the AMC channel’s series “The Walking Dead”, but also I am a member of a fan-run ‘like’ page for the show on FaceBook as well. I will be speaking of the latter “like” page on FaceBook (ran by a FAN of the show) within this blog post today.

Now, the last I heard, those that are posting things on to places of FB, are in fact HUMANS that sit at a computer and type. Am I not correct? And also, a little birdie once told me that hey, these humans make things called ‘mistakes’. Lo and behold, last night the person that owns/runs the fan-run page for TWD *accidentally* let slip who had gotten killed at the end of last night’s episode.

Mind you, they, as well as I, am on the East Coast of the USA. So, we get to see TWD air first. Well after that “slip”, those from the WEST coast area came on to the page’s post and let it rip. Name calling and just complete lack of manners over a MISTAKE. And even when the owner of the page came back and ACKNOWLEDGED the mishap, and even went as far as to APOLOGIZE, the scorned fans from the West came back and were calling the person (not knowing if they are male or female, mind you) things like “douche”, “dick”, “asshole”.

And to add some fun, I also had shit thrown my way for stating the obvious (down below in the next paragraph). Funny. I got called “rude” and “disrespectful”, even though I never, EVER once aimed ANYTHING at specific people, unless just explaining about the “hide” feature. And never once (until people were still jumping the owner in their apology post) did I use a derogatory name towards an individual, no matter how hateful they were to the owner of the page or myself.

I may piss some off, but I don’t give a shit. Because I AM PISSED too. At those that acted like two-year-olds and had NOT ONE SHRED of common sense (or decency). The only “assholes” I had seen last night were the ones lashing out at the owner, even after the apology. There is a “HIDE ALL POSTS FROM _____” on your NEWS-FEED/HOME page for a freaking reason, people! So you do NOT see anything that MIGHT be a spoiler. So it is YOUR OWN DAMNED FAULT that the plot got spoiled for you. NOT THEIRS.

Now, on to Google+ and their TWD fan base. HOLY SMOKES! What a NICE breath of fresh air. Nice people. Nice communication skills. Respectful, kind and even funny. I to this point in time have NOTHING of ill-will or of a negative base to say about the people that frequent the page, or it’s owners. In fact, thanks to today’s posts from last night’s episodes and a few “spoiler” posts for next week’s episode, I have gained TWO followers, and I also followed them.

See? Like I said. Day and night. And I think that from here on out, I will just “talk” with my fellow TWD fans over on Google+, seeing as their maturity level seems to be more well… mature. And their mental status is seemingly more correctly adjusted.


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One thought on “Google+ Fans of “The Walking Dead” vs. Those on FaceBook “Like Pages”

  1. I LOVE the Walking Dead and have even got my parents hooked which is HUGE considering they never would have touched a zombie movie/show to save their lives. I think they just really love the characters and that makes up for it being a “zombi” show. They realized there is so much more to it.

    Anyway, glad to have found you on wordpress! Also, I have an award for you. It’s okay if you don’t do awards, but I just wanted to let you know it is here…

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