The (Not Always) Happy Homemaker Diary

A Stay-At-Home-Mom living the dream.. Sort of.

Dear Friday,…


Today has apparently turned out to be my Monday.

Nothing but crappy has happened to me.

For starters, you let a bug bite me on my scar that is on my throat where I used to have the trache. Now it’s itchy, red(der than usual), and tight(er, again than usual) as hell.

Then, you won’t let me keep the UN-used q-tips out of my bathroom sink (that has no drain cover) as I attempt to clean the new piercings I’d gotten last night. Instead, I had to throw a good sized amount away. And in effect, money went right in to my trash can.

After that debacle, I decided to dry my hair with the blow dryer for a change. But NOOOOO! You can’t let me have that freaking luxury now, can you?! Instead, the red button popped out and the damn dryer won’t turn on. And I am TOO short to reach the plug above my bathroom mirror. So, once again, it’s air-drying as per most every other after-shower regimen.

Also, you made sure to make my morning a living hell because once again, my son decided to blow his top. For. No. Good. Reason. And in affect, I “lost” the littlest one of the bunch.

Because she went outside to the side drive’s bus stop and either she didn’t tell me she was going outside, or she did, but in the midst of HIS screaming and yelling, I did not hear her. Nor did I notice the bus came EARLIER than usual and already picked her up. So, of course, in an induced panic, I called and had to confirm that she indeed made it to school safely.

Please for the love of God and all things good, PUH-LEEEEEZ!!!…. let me have the rest of my Friday be a REAL Friday, and not a Monday in disguise as a Friday. Because you are so NOT good at going incognito, Monday. I may be going insane because of three kids. But I KNOW for a fact that you are to NOT be here again for another 3 days.


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