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Lemme Tell Ya Something!

… About a couple of groups that I “own”/run over on CafeMom.

Wait a minute. You asked WHAT IS A CAFEMOM?? Well, it’s a FREE website that is geared towards mothers, mothers-to-be, step mothers and even grandmothers.

And over on CafeMom, there’s a boat… no a cruise ship load of groups that you can join. You will literally find everything AND the kitchen sink at CafeMom, group-wise.

Including my two. Yes, I own two groups. And they are still pretty darn new. But I’m still trying to keep it active, though I only have between 1 and 3 other members between them, along with yours truly.

The first up is my LIZARD LOVERS group, which is geared toward those that are pet-parents to snakes, lizards, amphibians and other exotic pets. And I’m trying to be certain that it stays geared towards pet ownership. Feeding, housing, health, even shopping WITH your repti-baby. We cover a wide range of exotic animals.

Then, we have my other group, Moms Of Multiples…Piercings. If you have ANY part(s) of your body pierced, and you have MORE THAN ONE set/single piercing on you, then I say WELCOME TO OUR GROUP! And the piercings can be of any combination (ears only, ears and nose, belly button/ears/nose, nipple/ears… whatever!). And we not only talk about piercings, but about EVERYTHING else, too. From funny stuff, to news. From piercings to talking about your crap-tastic day. We have it ALL in MOMP.

Well, I hope that I have encouraged my fellow Mama-readers to come over and join a great community (that just got a COMPLETE overhaul) of fellow mothers. And I hope to see you join one of , or even better, both of my groups today!



The author of this blog, “lilmissmama” (AKA Missy/mom23musketeers on CafeMom) was not asked to write this post. She was NOT indorsed, compensated, nor paid any subsidies or given free items for any endorsement of the website, CafeMom or any of it’s affiliates. What is stated in this blog pertaining to the website, CafeMom is of the sole views, words and ideals of the author herself.


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