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Extreme Tanning Mama… AKA “Leather Head” In Hot Water For Taking 5-Year-Old Tanning

Tanning. It’s one of those things that millions of us do. Be it in natural sunlight, or under artifitial rays of a Tanning Bed. I personally know of tanners. Mainly of the “fake sun” kind. But I will give them all this, they sure as hell do NOT look like this um… lady(??).







Meet Patricia Krentcil, an (what I would call) “extreme tanner” and mother to a five-year-old daughter. And one who has been arrested and charged with Second Degree Child Endangerment. Why?

Because this dummy had (presumably) placed the little girl in to a tanning bed and the daughter had gotten burned. As of now, the child’s father has custody of her, thankfully.

To read more about the case of the Jersey Mom CLICK HERE.

To actually listen to her reason (of insanity) CLICK HERE.

So, according to Mom, the daughter stood BY the tanning bed, and that the girl got a sunburn while playing outside. And a SEVERE burn at that. Then that means that the girl had to be in practically NOTHING in this weather, which has yet on the East Coast to warrant the need of wearing basically nothing. And the daughter would have needed a number of HOURS exposed to the sun’s natural light and UV to cause a burn as what is being described.

To have to look at this woman’s face actually makes me want to throw up. I’m normally one to not physically get ill over pictures, but good God! She has been tanning her whole life (her words!), and believe me, it indeed shows! She has been given a new nickname by yours truly. “Leather Head”. She looks NASTY! I’m not normally one to judge people’s looks and call them things, but you have got to admit, this is one time where there is an exception to the rule.

For those that tan, take a HUGE and very LONG look at this woman. Is this what you want to end up looking like? Eventually all that tanning WILL catch up with you. Saggy skin that wrinkles more than the average person’s. Your skin ages drastically and makes you appear MUCH older than you truly are (example; “Shake n’ Bake Mama, above). Sun spots can pop up. And not to mention, the largely increased risk of contracting Skin Cancer. God forbid in it’s deadliest form, Melanoma.

Here is what Melanoma looks like and does to you…







So now, is that tan in a Tanning Booth, or for long periods daily in the sun REALLY worth the possibility of having THAT happen to your skin?

In this “mother’s” (I will use the term quite loosely with the bozo) case, I feel, and even in her own words, in a round about way, admit that she is ADDICTED to tanning. And believe me, it clearly shows. In cases like these, Tanning Salons have the power (but obviously not the common sense) to turn customers away that have obvious signs of looking nicely tanned. Not to let them come out of the oven like a Gingerbread Man! All she’s missing is the icing border and the M&M eyeballs. She is in need of dire help. And the proof is in the skin. And in the fact that she is calling her kid a liar and trying to hide the fact that she had taken the girl to the Tanning Salon. Too many holes and contradictions are abound to believe Mom.

Here’s is the daughter (mind you, fair skinned and redheaded, which means burns VERY easily) with her Crispy Critter mama.







Would you want YOUR kids to see you like this?? I hope not. The Tanning Salon claims that Mom must have snuck the cute redhead in, because they claimed that they had never seen the little girl. Now, tell me, how can Mom just sneak her in at her age and size? Sounds more like to me, that the Salon let the little girl go back with mom in to the tanning booth area that she was assigned to. What happened from there, is still being investigated. But I cannot see where the girl had gotten burns from outside sun exposure. And mom even admitted on another news site that her daughter “goes tanning with Mommy, but not IN the booth”. WTF?!

Stupid is as stupid does. She is from “Nutley”, New Jersey. The town fits this chick!


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17 thoughts on “Extreme Tanning Mama… AKA “Leather Head” In Hot Water For Taking 5-Year-Old Tanning

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  2. When people overtan, I generally refer to them as Doritos, but this lady is far worse than a Dorito. She kind of looks like burnt french fry. SO gross!!!

  3. Oh dear. This is so sad; the woman is obviously has some deep, unresolved issues. Her red-headed daughter needs a whole ‘nuther role model. I have a redhead, but wouldn’t know a tanning booth if I tripped over it. Had a few good burns from Jersey shore myself as a kid, and am now proactive about warding off melanoma.

    I hope that mom gets some desperately needed help.

  4. Oh my! Thank goodness Daddy has her now!

  5. This woman’s face reminds me of couches I recently trashed.

    By some element of her compromised imagination, does this woman think she looks good? What does she use for moisturizer…leather wipes?

    And, to impart her insanity by even bringing her child into a tanning facility, what exactly is she teaching the little girl, that to look like this and destroy your body is acceptable?

    The father? Another asswipe for coming up with the excuse about tons of other mothers doing the same. Tons of mothers smoke, drink and do drugs in front of their kids. Does that make it okay?

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